Every Child is precious so bring smile to their face with Gali Help by Daily Jhola.

Gali Help is small and beautiful initiatives by Daily Jhola to bringing smile to the underprivileged children’s who lives in the Gali and whose parents are not as much financial capable for bring toys and books to them.

A child needs toys of different types like activity toy and brain game toys for their motor skills. Food and Toys are basic necessities of a child, food to live and toys to learn.

We can’t refrain a child from playing, it is in his nature so let them play, learn and enjoy.

In the present time everyone wants to do something for the society but we are so much busy in our professional life and unable to do so. Gali Help is providing facility to become a Smile Maker to the Underprivileged Childrens.

Lets unite hands to bring a Big Smile on the little faces of childrens.

  • What Gali Help do ?

Be a smile maker with Gali Help

Gali Help by Daliy Jhola will collect the Old toys and Books when it was not in use by your child and distributed it to the underprivileged children who needs it and not able to buy it, in the name of the donor.

Kindly go the quick links at the bottom of our website www.dailyjhola.com you will find Gali Help link click on that contact us page will open, kindly fill the form and our team will contact with you for further process.

Note:- Gali Help by Daily Jhola will never demand money or donations from our Smile Makers( Our Customers). Our Representative will contact you and give you a four alphanumeric code for all the process throughout the pickup and delivery of toys/books to children’s.

Thanks for being a part of Smile Maker !

Gali Help

Gali Help is an initiative by Dailyjhola.com to share happyness with the children who need it. If you have old and usable toys or gifts, then you can send it to us.